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How Does Mobilize Work?

Solve Labour Shortages with a Rotating Workforce.

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Why are Mobilize placements only seasonal?
At Mobilize we know from experience that the best way to attract energetic, motivated, and positive youth is to give them what they want! Mobilize participants are powered by excitement, are high energy and have a thirst to travel. The seasonal length of placements is enough time for participants to remain excited about a new city and job, but not enough time to for them to burn out.
Why train workers when they are gone at season's end?
Remember, only 33% of your hires will be on their first placement. The rest will be coming from other locations where you can benefit from their skills and training. Most of our Mobilizers are coming from the hospitality, restaurant, or retail industries – where they already have a passion to work hard and travel, coupled with a thirst to learn about new companies and jobs.
How does Mobilize work?
Mobilize follows the contract staffing model and is the employer of record. We handle all associated requirements and costs. For more information on the program, visit How Does Mobilize Work?
Why do I have to pay for housing?
You have tried interprovincial recruitment before. With the recent changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), options for attracting talent are limited, and every one of your competitors is fishing in the same pond. What Mobilize provides is an untapped, motivated, and hungry new workforce to fill your empty positions.
How are placement partners selected?
Placement partners are chosen based on their commitment to the program, business culture, ability to train and current staffing requirements.
Why was Mobilize created?

With the 2014 changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, employers in the low-skill/low-wage categories got cut off from international employees. Previous to the changes, we were the largest ethical foreign recruitment agency in Canada, deploying over a thousand individuals each year.

After consultations with government and industry leaders on the reasons for the changes, the primary explanation was clear. The significantly high numbers of unemployed youth in eastern and Atlantic Canada needed to be employed. However, getting permanent staff from across Canada is not likely to occur quickly – for many reasons. For example, a 22-year-old from New Brunswick is not likely to jump on a plane and make a permanent commitment to any one employer, without having experienced that part of the country. So we got creative and found a way to motivate this young demographic through Mobilize.

Extensive focus groups showed us what it would take to convince this demographic to work across Canada. The experience would need to be:

  1. Exciting
  2. Educational
  3. Offer the opportunity for career advancement
  4. Structured, with a start and end date
  5. Very user-friendly – nobody wants to look for housing or interview at every stage

So we changed our recruitment model to attract that specific audience, and Mobilize was born.

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